Top International Cuisines Every Foodie Must Try!

They say that variety is the spice of life, and there is absolutely no bounds when it comes to the variety of food. Indeed, the middle east has a lot of delicious and mouth-watering food traditions. But, if you are a real foodie, you must also explore the best cuisines all around the globe. We have picked out some of the most delectable cuisines that have been ruling the international culinary game for quite some time now. If you start drooling while going through our list, it’s not our fault!

The Italian Scene

Pizza might be the most hyped Italian food everywhere, but there’s so much more to the Italian cuisine than meets the eyes. From creamy risottos to spicy cacciucco (fish stew), Italian cuisines fit the pallet of every food fanatic. There are uncountable varieties of pasta and spaghetti, and the Italians seem to have expertise in the art of sauces. Penne all’ arrabbiata or spaghetti in carbonara are some of the must-try foods in this section. Get the authentic Italian cuisines delivered at your doorstep through Deliveroo. Don’t forget to use the latest Deliveroo coupons for extra savings! 

The Best of Greek Food

Greek cuisine is a fabulous choice for a number of reasons. Firstly, you can explore a wide array of subtle spices, herbs, and vegetables in every dish. Secondly, Greek recipes are unique in every way, and their choice of ingredients can make you go bananas. Salads are one of the strongest components of Greek cuisine. Not only the traditional Greek salad, but you must also try the unparalleled taramosalata (fish row, bread crumbs, etc.) or the more spicy dakos. And, the dips like tzatziki or skordalia can change your view about food as a whole!

Mexican Madness

Mexican food is known for the use of exotic spice and herbs that reflect the heritage of the country. If your tastebuds crave a little spicy affair, Mexican food is a must for you! Mexican street foods can beat any speciality restaurant food because of their grand features. From stuffing burritos, chilaquiles, to burger-like cemita, or enchiladas, your snack hunger would be perfectly compensated with these street dishes. For the main course, you must taste the albondigas (Mexican meatballs), carne asada, or cabrito!

Indian All the Way

Indian cuisine can not be defined or simplified through any specific theory, as there are so many different culinary styles in the different regions of the country. The main focus of Indian foods remains in the flavours as well as the unique recipes! Kebabs are one of the best-interpreted foods in India, while the mutton dishes or fish curries are more loyal to their local roots. Biryani is one item that has so many different variations in India. But one thing that you must pick from this particular cuisine is the desserts. From gulab jamun, rashogolla to mishti doi (sweet curd), you would have a full-on sugar rush when you explore the desserts! Save hugely in your Indian food deliveries with the active Deliveroo vouchers

Japanese Affairs

While Chinese food seems to dominate the east-Asian food traditions, Japanese cuisine also has certain distinctive features. Rice and fish are the two most staple ingredients in Japanese cuisine. Be it mochi (rice cake), tenmusu (rice ball with stuffing), the traditional sushi, rice bowls, or zosui (Japanese risotto), their creativity with rice knows no limit. But, the flavourful sides, including tempura, karaage, teriyaki, unagi, or motoyaki, also steal the show.

Let us know what you think about our top international cuisine picks! Happy eating!

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